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By KimHo.Art

£20 Each / £50 Set of 3

Size: 10in x 10in (25.4cm x 25.4cm)


These art pieces feature three psilocybin mushrooms;


Amanita Muscaria, Greenflush Fibrecap and Liberty Caps.


These types of mushrooms usually grow wild in the UK.


The inspiration is to showcase the beauty of psilocybin mushrooms through the shape and colour used, which also connects with the psychedelic nature of the mushrooms and the magic the artist sees within and through them.


Once we are aware of the beauty these mushrooms can provide us, hopefully one day we get to live in a world where magic is seen as the norm and not something to be punished.


These 3 print designs were the winning bid at #PAR Art Auction.

Delivered unframed.

The Three Mushketeers Art Prints

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