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Take action for Psilocybin Access Rights

Every voice counts in turning the wheel of change. By taking action, you're not just a bystander; you become a catalyst. Whether it's signing a petition, writing to an official, or supporting through art and awareness, each effort contributes to the momentum of the cause.

Remember, transformative shifts in society often start with the passion and persistence of individuals.

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Volunteer with us

We are a volunteer-run organisation where all the funds we raise go directly to campaign activities. Hence we need all the help we can get!

Along with our regular activities to raise public awareness of psilocybin access rights, in 2024, we have a new drive we call Project Croydon. Croydon South happens to be the constituency of the Home Office Minister for Drug Policy, Mr. Chris Philp, and our campaign seeks to funnel the national support of PAR into one small constituency that has the power to make the Home Office listen to the evidence. 


Project Croydon will rely on people like you to power volunteer leafleting and take to the streets to spread the word about psilocybin access rights. 

Would you like to join our campaign and volunteer with us?

Click the button below to fill in a form with some information we need.


Tell us your story

Every voice matters, and every story has the power to inspire, inform and influence change. Whether you've personally experienced the transformative effects of psilocybin or believe in its potential to create a brighter future for many, we want to hear from you.

Have psilocybin's healing properties touched your life? Would you be willing to amplify your story in the media to help others? Or do you envision a world where its benefits are accessible to all? Share your journey with us. 

We also want to hear from those of you who do not have any experience with psilocybin but want safe legal access.


By weaving together our individual narratives, we can form a tapestry of hope and understanding, challenging preconceptions and pushing for change.

So, tell us: Why is psilocybin access important to you?

Click the button below to fill in a form with your personal experience.


When you join our mailing list you're becoming a part of the psychedelic renaissance!

Simply sharing your email address means we can let you know about the events we have planned - such as our Magic Mushroom Day Auction - or activist opportunities such as leafleting for Project Croydon.

We promise no spam - only newsletters that directly relate to this cause that we hope is as close to your hearts as it is to ours.

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