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A partial list of research

and science-backed evidence

that Psilocybin can save lives.

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Current scientific evidence on psilocybin's role in mental health treatment


Psilocybin assisted therapy provides a breakthrough in the treatment of addiction. 80% of patients with chronic tobacco addiction were abstinent at 6 month follow-up, 67% at 12 month follow up, and 60% at 16 month follow up.

(Johnson et al., 2014, 2016, 2017)


A recent study found that psilocybin had a significantly greater impact on both thought suppression and rumination, in comparison to escitalopram.

(Barba T., Buehler S., Kettner H. et al., 2022)


Psilocybin assisted therapy was shown to be effective in the treatment of alcoholism, with the percentage of heavy drinking days post-treatment decreasing by over double the amount of an active placebo group.

(Bogenschutz, M. P. et al., 2022)


Two large-scale population studies, each comprising over 130,000 US adults, found no evidence of an association between psilocybin use and mental health problems.

(Schlag AK, Aday J, Salam I, Neill JC, Nutt DJ, 2022)


Psilocybin carries a lower dependence risk than caffeine.

(Gable, 1993)


In one study, over half of study participants were in remission from their depression symptoms 12 months after only two doses.

(Gukasyan N., Davis A. K., Barrett F. S., et al., 2022)


Psilocybin has proven effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, with 100% of study participants’ symptoms reduced one week after a single treatment, and 47% five weeks after.

(Carhart-Harris, R.L., Roseman, L., Bolstridge, M. et al., 2017)


Amongst individuals receiving end of life care for cancer, 80% found their anxiety had been significantly reduced after undergoing psilocybin assisted therapy.

(Ross et al., 2016)


Psilocybin reduced symptoms for 9 subjects with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

(Moreno, FA, Wiegand, CB, Taitano, EK, et al., 2006)

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Psilocybin could be a revolutionary medication, but scientists need to be able to study it.

Despite research remaining near-prohibitively expensive for even the largest, most reputable research institutions, there is a considerable amount of scientific evidence indicating that psilocybin could be a game-changing treatment. Without further research however, its benefits remain inaccessible for suffering patients.

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